Did you move out of your apartment recently? Did you file your returns/abatement forms with your old address and you are expecting a refund check? Are all the IRS notices, refund checks and stimulus checks going to your old address?

All you need to do is submit one form with the IRS, so they have your most updated address on record. It’s a very straight forward form and you do not need to hire a professional to do this for you. Just follow the instructions below to complete the form and mail it to the IRS.

1. What forms do I need to complete if I want to update my address with the IRS?

You need to complete Form 8822 to notify IRS that your address has changed. If you are single, you might only need to complete line 1, line 3a, line 6a and line 7 of the form. Don’t forget to PRINT, SIGN & DATE the form. Click Here to access the form and the detailed instructions.

2. Where do I need to mail the Form 8822? Can it be electronically submitted?

The form can not be submitted electronically. The forms needs to be sent based on the state of your old home mailing address. Click Here to see which IRS office you need to mail the form to.

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