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Maximize your tax savings with individual year-end tax planning services from USA Tax Gurus LLC. Explore credits, deductions, and strategies for a financially sound future.

FBAR & 8938’s

Explore the nuances of FBAR and Form 8938 reporting, essential for U.S. taxpayers with foreign financial accounts. Understand filing thresholds, deadlines, and compliance to navigate the complexities of FBAR & 8938's with confidence.

Form 1099-NEC

Unlock tax compliance success with our guide on Form 1099-NEC for business owners. Learn the IRS filing essentials for independent contractor payments and ensure seamless tax reporting.

Navigate the complexities of Estimated Taxes for Businesses with our comprehensive guide. Understand the frequency, applicability, and consequences of non-compliance.

Discover the Tax Implications of Rental Income, covering ordinary income taxation, deductible expenses, property improvements, short-term rental taxes, self-employment considerations, and deducting rental property losses.

Explore the choice between Itemized Deductions vs Standard Deductions in federal income tax filing. Learn about the distinctions, guidelines, and benefits of each method to make an informed decision.

Determine your US tax residency status and learn about the two tests required to answer the question: Am I a US resident or non-resident for federal tax purposes?

Are you a nonresident, used TurboTax to file your return and claimed credits you were not supposed to? Read about if you need to amend your tax return.

Are you a nonresident and received stimulus checks? This post helps you determine your eligibility and outlines instructions on how to send it back.

If you’ve moved to a new place, update your address on record with the IRS so they can send you the notices and refund checks to your new address.

Track Your Tax Refunds

Filed your 1040/1040NR tax returns and wondering where your refunds are? Read on to find out how to track your Federal refunds.

Are you a Non resident Alien wondering whether or not your FICA taxes should have been withheld-and if not, the best way to get a refund- Learn all about it here

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